Our sand blasting service for Carmarthenshire and across the Southwest of Wales is easily arranged. So if you are looking for any sand blast cleaning service in Cardiganshire or Pmbrokeshire or need us to look at a project for you we are easily available and happy to help and advise you.

We can sandblast almost anything!
We can sandblast almost any type of surface to clean it and remove unwanted finishes, expose underlying surfaces, or create a distressed look. Restoring a house, cleaning a cast iron fire insert or restoring a classic car, the possibilities are endless!

Our Sandblasting services in and around Carmarthen include:
    Building Contractors
    Building Conservation Contractors
    Home owners
    Boat & Yacht Owners
    County, City and Town Councils & Government
    Insurance Companies and Contractors
    Painting & Decorating Contractors